The Citizens Campaign launches its Jersey City Education Sub-Committee

On Monday evening of July 21st, seven Jersey City residents volunteered and formed The Citizens Campaign Jersey City Educational Sub-Committee. Today’s educational breakout session served as a continuation from The Citizens Campaign First Jersey City Summit at City Hall on June 14, 2014, where Jersey City residents identified city-wide issues.

Today, the Education Sub-Committee narrowed the education city-wide issues into three priorities. The increase of parental and community involvement in schools was revered the highest on the list. Several sub-methods to increase involvement were discussed in great length, such as, outlining and creating visual profiles for each type of Jersey City parental and community member. From that first pic-tory, the sub-committee can show each profiles’ patterns, lifestyles, habits and needs. And further map out an engagement plan independent of each other. Another identified sub-method was the sharing of educational information among all the schools, each public non-charter and charter schools. Imagine a one-stop resource with all parent and community groups’ contact information or an online resource containing how-to-guides from existing local, successful fund-raising or outreach techniques? The approach to this issue would involve changing the culture of schools by creating a collaborative environment among teachers, parents and students. The Sub-Committee members agreed that the inhibiting cause has been the hierarchy of politics. And lastly, making information about all educational programs, parental and community groups readily available to all Jersey City newcomers was deemed to help new residents navigate through the Jersey City district with ease.

Other priorities identified and placed on the list of priorities were the outreach and support for troubled youth and civics leadership in education.

The Citizens Campaign has assigned the task to the Education Sub-Committee of researching how Jersey City or other cities are addressing each of these issues by the next follow-up meeting. The next meeting will target the solutions to the priorities chosen while making sure they follow The Citizen’s Campaign Four Guiding Principles:

– Community-Wide Benefit
– Evidence Based Solutions
– No-blame Implementation Approach
– Cost Effective Results

The seven volunteers to become The Citizens Campaign Jersey City Education Subcommittee are: Akisia Grigsby, Joel Torres, Roseangela Mendoza, Florence Holmes, Adam Jaegar, Caryn Rogoff and Jim Nelson.

How to determine what what is Unhealthy for your Vibrational Frequency?

In order for one to vibrate at a higher level, the body requires more energy to do so. Could this be why people who live in a physically abundant state of mind are able to eat less energetic foods while not feeling tired quickly? I was just wondering… why do I feel so depleted all the time, even when I do intake lots of vitamins? Could it be this cyst sucking out most of my energy similar to a black hole within my own existence? Or does it mean that humans require more energy to sustain the type of life that society requires from us? That is why we have artificial means such as coffee, etc.

I remember reading a book that stated… one must be careful when he/she uses tools of a higher energy frequency because he/she can injure his/herself. How can a person of lower frequency injure himself? This is what triggered me to think about how people need more energy in order to vibe at a higher frequency.

My message to all spiritual persons, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever:

Look at your way of life and what you eat. Observe how you breath. Ask yourself, do these things help you vibrate at a higher level? Do these things give you greater energy? Does anything deplete your energy?

If you find that many things deplete your energy, then you are not meant to exist in a higher level energy space. And if you try to force it while going against the grain, you will feel depleted unless you find extra energy via other sources. Caffeine eventually depletes your vitamin levels. I am not refering to this type of source. And simply because several sources make you feel energetic, it does not mean it’s a true source of energy. Those artificial means simply lower your energy from your existing core frequency and depletes it while shifting concentrating into specific place in the body causing that boost. The energy that is needed has to come from outside your body.

One way to get external energy is to replenish yourself in meditation. And the other is through our physical lower level worlds, such as foods and air. Since we are dual beings, we need energy from the etherial and physical worlds. This is why meditation is so important. Religious leaders who do not put equal emphasis on the physical nutrients as on the spiritual nutrients are misguided. The less toxic the body is the closer to God you can become. Why? Because there are less blockages preventing God’s energetic flow from entering every cell within your body. Exercise is the tool that allows us to remain pliable. Being pliable is important for the existing energy to flow easily throughout your entire state of being.

My daily reminder:

I need to equally put importance on is my meditations as I do nutrition. Exercise needs to become a daily part of my life as well to release any blockages and energetic knots.

Also see this article for more detailed information on Vibrational Frequency and Magnetic Energy of the Body:

Jersey City BOE Battle to Oust Superintendent Dr. Epps

The Jersey City Board of Education tonight attempted to approve a $268,000 settlement with Jersey City Superintendent Charles T. Epps Jr to leave the district in December 2011. There were 4 items on the agenda for the board members to vote on with the last item being “approving the resignation of Dr. Epps”. However, Dr. Epps didn’t even submit his letter of resignation!!!! Thus meaning that the entire meeting was pointless.

First of all, why did we, the people and Board Members, get a copy of his contract 15 minutes before the start of meeting? And then we are expected to read this document thoroughly and comment? And how are the Board Members to approve a resignation if Dr. Epps didn’t even submit his resignation letter? What kind of circus is going on here? It comes across that there is no communication and leadership at the board level to make sure organization occurs. Who is responsible for putting together paperwork for all these meetings? That person should be fired! I do know that changing Superintendents during the middle of the school year is not PRO KIDS! His contract was up June 2011. Why wasn’t this resolved before summer recess? Is there anyone in charge?

I won’t claim to know the intricacies of what goes on at the board level. Furthermore, I cannot say if Dr. Epps or the Board Members is good or bad. I hear a lot of chitter chatter on both sides of the spectrum causing me to not want to not be quick on chastising any one figure. There is a whole in the system. And we need to spend our time finding the hole and repairing it. There needs to be more parent leadership at the board level so that the disconnect between board members and students/parents isn’t so apparent.

I can not believe I spent 4 hours at a meeting that had no major resolution. This motivates me to be more active and involved so that our educational system gets better.

NJ Anti-Bullying Policy Promotes Criminal Profiling of Our Youth!

On September 22, 2011, I gave a speech at the Board of Education monthly meeting regarding the lack of education on this Anti-Bullying Policy amongst of Jersey City teachers, staff, parents and students. Here is the speech:


Hello my name is Akisia Grigsby.

Being a product of the Jersey City Public School system, a parent to an 8th grader, part of PS11’s Parent Council as well as a landlord and business owner of Jersey City, I want to take this opportunity to express my serious concern about the Jersey CIty Board of Education Anti-Bullying Policy and unintended impact on our children. I hope that every teacher, staff member and parent in this room will take a serious look at the policy and collectively work together to ensure that the policy is implemented in a way that protects our children both from bullies and from some of the unintended dangerous impact of the policy. Currently most teachers, staff and students whom I have spoken to claim that no one has gone over the Policy step by step nor explained the consequences stated in this Policy.

I became aware of the lack of education amongst our teachers and school staff when my son was mixed up in a wrongful accusation of Anti-Bullying around February 2011. The suspension against my son was rescinded in the end, but only after I made a call to a friend of mine who was our current President’s classmate at Harvard Law, so that she could review the documents and actions taken against my son.

My attorney pointed out a series of actions made in error based on the protocols listed in the Anti-Bullying Policy. PS11 staff members should not be blamed for anything. I just think proper education of the actual protocols and consequences need to be explained and enforced. I asked friends of mine who are various teachers from various Jersey City public schools about their perspectives on this policy. And they all told me the same thing. If any child accuses another of Bullying, the teachers don’t question it. They just send the kids to the office because they are too afraid to lose their jobs.

I am not hear to blame any of the staff. In fact, it requires knowing a little bit about law to understand this policy. In a Parent Council meeting, it came to my surprise that the Student Council President, who was made the leader of PS11’s Anti-Bullying Movement, was never required nor did he understand the way the language was written in this Policy. The parents were also not aware that once a child is accused of Bullying, an electronic record is sent to the Department of Education through the Electronic Violence and Vandalism Reporting System. Why is this important? When I mentioned this to the parents, they became quite upset. This is the start of direct criminal profiling of our kids at an early age. There is no way to determine the impact on a children’s future because of the criminalization and label as a bully at an early age. This should concern every parent in this room.

Most parents do not have the financial resources or connections to obtain a lawyer. Does this mean that their children should unjustly be labeled as a bully? Had I not been able to get an attorney involved, that’s exactly what would have happened to my child.  Budget cuts in education are being made at the state level. At the same time, more prisons are being built. One could make a correlation between our decreased ability to educate our kids in the Jersey City School System with the number of young people who are ending up in these prisons that are being built.

Although my son’s situation was resolved, I am here speaking on behalf of concerned parents. I am a victim of bullies when I was a child myself and believe that our kids should be protected from being bullied at school. I also believe that they should also be protected from the unintended impact of this policy and how its being implemented. Schools can and must do a better job in striking a balance between protecting our kids and criminalizing them at an early age which sets them on the path to prison.

I demand better education of the Policy line by line and consequences listed to all teachers, Parents Councils and Student Councils.


Protocols not being followed are in the following of the Anti-Bullying Policy:

File Code 5131.2 / page 3 / Section A / Steps

Affecting others

Just a quick note…

In order to create visible spiritual changes in the world amongst people, we must not focus on affecting the contents of the physical world, but increase our own vibrations (spiritual nature) so that the vibrations propogate in space moving the material itself. Example, throwing a pepple in a pond causes ripples in the water. In such action, we have caused an effect on water by making it move. But we have not changed the subatomic particles that make up the water.

Be in the Moment

Life is an experience and journey, not a destination. In order to be totally at peace and living in bliss, one must live in the present moment. Stop what you are doing now. What do you smell? What do you hear? What colors are the lights around you? How are you breathing? Can you feel your heart beating? Are your toes cold or hot? Be in the moment.

There are many books that teach meditation. But one thing most books fail to teach is that meditation is a personal experience. One must visualize a scene, place, object or thing that makes them most at peace and feeling in total bliss. Hold on to that visual, and now take slow breathes in and out evenly through the nose. What are you smelling in that perfect scene? What are you hearing in that perfect scene? What are feeling on your skin from that perfect scene? Be in the moment of that scene.

Meditation is about practice and habit. If you want to run a marathon, you have to be diligent and work your body out everyday in a specific pattern. The same goes for meditation. Try 5 minutes your first few days. Another exercise that a spiritual mentor once taught me was to focus on a flame of a free-standing candle. Every time a thought comes into mind, dispense it by refocusing on the colors of the flame – the beauty of the flame and its aura. You will know when you are ready to go a step further into meditation without the use of the candle. No time limit can be put on you. Remember its exercise. Your body and mind will let you know.

Another key element of meditation is to allow yourself to change your perception of time. Honestly, there is no such thing as time if you really think about. Time is solely based on the universes planetary rotations around major energy forces. Throw out resolutions out the window. Start today on improving your spirits. Start slow if you have to. You can not do a crash course on spiritual awakening. You can not force your awakening either. When humans are children, some children develop faster than others but in the end we all reach a common place for the most part. Embrace that journey of learning and experiencing the moments. All those past moments happen to develop us for our life’s long purpose.

I apologise to my readers for not writing in a long time. I have overcome some health issues. And at a later date I will share my story and experience of my illness and how I found a way to recover. I am sure my story will be able to heal thousands of woman across the country.

The Use of the Word “I”: the Ego

Vanity and Pride are one of the life lessons that lead to spiritual perfection. We must all go through these experiences in order to move past it. The ego is reflected in the word “I”. When we use the word “I” in everyday conversation, we are unconsciously putting ourselves on display and asking to be noticed revealing that we seek attention based on our merits or accomplishments. The word “I” is used to set ourselves apart and draw attention to ourselves. The spiritually more advanced souls perceive these individuals as humans who still have not uncovered their self-esteem and true confidence within. For when someone no longer needs to display themselves nor separate themselves from others, it exudes an inner self-confidence.

While working at Island Def Jam, a friend of mine once told me that a person who is in a position of management or leadership should never use to the word “I’ in emails or conversations. Instead the word “we” should replace it. It made me realize how while at Def Jam, I tried so hard to prove to the executives that I had what it took to be a great and talented leader. However, because I tried so hard to prove it to them, it silently ostracized me from others whiling revealing my unconscious lack of self confidence. Had I truly been in a position of leadership, it would have exuded from my pores without the constant fight and the constant trying to prove to others of my value. One of the characteristics of good leadership is wisdom. Wisdom comes from the experiences of handling difficult circumstances. It was obvious that this was the one element I lacked. And my superiors and peers sensed it without knowing exactly what it was that I lacked. My peers perceived me more as an “aggressive to succeed” individual which spawned much hatred and jealousy. I had that fire to motivate and inspire others for greatness; however, I did not know how to channel that energy properly due to my lack of experience in management. Its very refreshing to look back at such a difficult period in time and see the life lessons come to pass. The closure and wisdom gained has made me a much more humble human being.