Jersey City BOE Battle to Oust Superintendent Dr. Epps

The Jersey City Board of Education tonight attempted to approve a $268,000 settlement with Jersey City Superintendent Charles T. Epps Jr to leave the district in December 2011. There were 4 items on the agenda for the board members to vote on with the last item being “approving the resignation of Dr. Epps”. However, Dr. Epps didn’t even submit his letter of resignation!!!! Thus meaning that the entire meeting was pointless.

First of all, why did we, the people and Board Members, get a copy of his contract 15 minutes before the start of meeting? And then we are expected to read this document thoroughly and comment? And how are the Board Members to approve a resignation if Dr. Epps didn’t even submit his resignation letter? What kind of circus is going on here? It comes across that there is no communication and leadership at the board level to make sure organization occurs. Who is responsible for putting together paperwork for all these meetings? That person should be fired! I do know that changing Superintendents during the middle of the school year is not PRO KIDS! His contract was up June 2011. Why wasn’t this resolved before summer recess? Is there anyone in charge?

I won’t claim to know the intricacies of what goes on at the board level. Furthermore, I cannot say if Dr. Epps or the Board Members is good or bad. I hear a lot of chitter chatter on both sides of the spectrum causing me to not want to not be quick on chastising any one figure. There is a whole in the system. And we need to spend our time finding the hole and repairing it. There needs to be more parent leadership at the board level so that the disconnect between board members and students/parents isn’t so apparent.

I can not believe I spent 4 hours at a meeting that had no major resolution. This motivates me to be more active and involved so that our educational system gets better.


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