My Biography

Born from a Dominican mother and American father, Akisia Grigsby is a natural-born leader whose mission in life is to motivate and inspire others. Ms. Grigsby is the founder and CEO of Akzas/ Atomic Designs Inc, a multicultural brand imaging agency and visual communications design studio founded in 2000 to deliver creative concepts, branding ideas, creative direction and design services to companies in the fashion, beauty, entertainment, sports, business/non-profit, finance, educational, medical, technology industries and political campaigns. Ms. Grigsby has a proven 19 year tract record, serving as creative director of Sean John clothing and Bad Boy Entertainment, amongst others. Due to her extensive and numerous multimillion-dollar campaigns in the urban and Hispanic markets, she has been able to successfully access the psychology of trends and the mind of the hispanic and urban communities.

Grigsby is a self-starter that showed artistic promise when she began painting at the age of 3 and learned about responsibility not long after, having been made manager of one of her mother’s three beauty salons and its 10 employees while still in high school.  A professional model from ages 14-17, the ambitious Grigsby also worked in retail shops and as a hostess at major clubs in New York City. Grigsby left the glamorous world of modeling to follow her true passion in the arts and entered the Parsons School of Design full-time, taking only night classes so that she could work in the graphic design field during the day.  After achieving a BFA in Communications Design, Grigsby was singled out from her program and invited to attend a marketing exchange program at the prestigious Columbia University Business school, where her team of marketing students and product designer won a competition to create, market and advertise a product for Hermés.  Not only did her team win the competition, Hermés Board of Directors flew in to the U.S to negotiate the purchase of the product.
Ms. Grigsby is a philosopher at heart, an artist by trade and entrepreneur by spirit. While being the product of Jersey City’s Public School System, a Jersey City homeowner and landlord and a successful Jersey City business owner in the most competitive areas, she enjoys her true passions: painting, drawing, designing and helping out the children of her community. In addition to being a single mother of a successfully and nationally recognized 8th grade-student athlete, she has managed to play an important role as a leading Parent Advocate and Community Leader in Jersey City. Some of her involvement include being Secretary of Ps#11’s Parent Council, founder of Facebook’s Parent Advocacy Group, member of SEOC (Statewide Education Organization Committee, Jersey City Chapter), member of JCCPTO (Jersey City Coalition of Parent Teacher Organizations, member of JCHAG (Jersey City Homelessness Advocacy Group), member of the Jersey City Board of Education Athletic Committee, Creative Director of the Jersey City’s 2012 Crime Stop Campaign and a student and member of the Ancient Mystical Schools (AMORC) Rosicrucian Order. She has also been influential is working with Board of Education Policy makers to revise the Anti-Bullying Policy. Currently, she is working with community leaders and members to set up a neighborhood association and being the parent representative in the Jersey City Board of Education’s Student Online Portal.

Ms. Grigsby has been recently selected by Jersey City’s Mayor Healy and Councilman David Donnelly as an honoree for Jersey City’s Annual Women of Action Awards Ceremony.

2 thoughts on “My Biography

  1. tracey-ann says:

    My 12yo has a passion and a body for modeling. Barring all my fears that I have for her, I’m stepping out on faith and I am tryg to get some advice on how to start. I have pictures of her and I’m wondering if you would mind critiquing it for me. Just a regular picture. 🙂

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