Lost 16lbs due to BeePollen

It was April 2010 when I noticed a dramatic weight loss in my sister and all her close friends. That was when she made me aware of a natural nutritional supplement called BeePollen. Because my sister was never into nutrition nor into a holistic approach to living, I never paid attention.

Meanwhile, months went on and I noticed that my weight gain kept increasing ever since 2 years ago when a cyst was discovered in my ovary. Cysts in ovaries are known to interfere with hormone levels thus affecting the thyroid or metabolism. The weight gain went from 145 lbs to a whopping 167 lbs by August 2010. I had always been skinny. And to now feel completely inflamed and uncomfortable within my skin caused me great discomfort. I use to be a gym rat but due to my increasing work schedule, my workouts dwindled. However, the lack of exercise and consistent regular proportioned nutritious meals did not call for this incredible rapid weight gain. Due to lack of insurance at the current moment, I felt like something else besides surgery had to give! I upped the ante on supplements since last year, yet still no avail.

In July 2010, my hubby, Ricky, decided to do research on the BeePollen supplement that my sister mentioned. Check out his research paper on Dr. Ricky William’s Blog. He made me aware of how beneficial this particular supplement actually is. I immediately ordered a bottle of BeePollen from the same place my sister ordered: http://zixiutangbeepollen.com and began taking my supplements August 16, 2010. At first I didn’t notice a weight change. However, my appetite decreased immediately. Soon the constant bloating sensation dissipated. It was only until about a month later when I noticed rapid weight loss.

Today I weighed myself. 153 lbs. And I have not worked out one bit. I do not recommend anyone to stop working out. I merely mention it here to emphasize that exercise has not been a contributing factor to this weight loss. Also my menstruation has regulated increasingly. Due to the cyst, my cycle had been every 23 days. For the past couple of months while on BeePollen, it has been regulating increasingly. Just this past month it went to a 28 day cycle. Also ever since the occurrence of the cyst, I would practically hemorrhage for 2 days during my menstruation with incredible clotting. This past month for the first time since before the cyst, my menstruation was bearable. I did not have to restrict myself to the indoors nor take Advil to suppress the heavy flow. My sex drive has also increased. A total feeling of wellness that I welcome!

Now I know the cause of my health problems have not seceded. And I know I must take care of it by getting an operation, which I am working on, in regards to health insurance. But in the meantime and even afterwards, this BeePollen supplement has provided my body with the needed nutrition to counteract the side affects of the cyst. And did I mention that due to the incredible amounts of energy given by this BeePollen, I have accomplished more in the past 2 months than I did all year-long!

If you are reading this article, I implore you to spread the word to your friends and physicians.

Recommended daily food intake servings

Many of us don’t know what should we should be eating to maintain a healthy life. I have learned the hard way. All throughout my 20s, I have had different health problems manifest. My regular medical interist could not help me recover. By the time I was 28 years old, someone recommended that I see a Keneselogist. (Dr. Bland , 200 West 54th St, NY, NY 10019 –  212-246-2330) He introduced me to a new way of life. By that point, I had no choice but to change my life around due to the multiple digestion problems I had. I recommend everyone eat organic foods for reasons I will address in upcoming articles. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some quick tips on everyday recommended servings.

Everyday you should have:
1. 5 portions of fresh fruits and veggies
• 1-2 servings of green, leafy veggies like spinach, swiss chard, lettuce, parsley, escarole, watercress, kale, collards, other greens
• 1-2 serving of general veggies such as broccoli, green beans, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower
• 1-2 servings of rot veggies such as carrots, turnips, squash, radishes, parsnips.
( Each meal should have at least 1 green veggie and 1 yellow or orange veggie)
• a few portions (up to 5) of sea veggies in weekly diet
• 2-3 servings per day of cooked or raw fruits.

2 3-4 servings a day of brown rice, oats, barley, millet, buckwheat, rye, corn, whole wheat, popcorn or bulgar, potatoes, yams.
(Avoid the squashy air-filled “cushiony” brown bread that says Whole-wheat. )

3. 1-2 daily servings of dry pulses such as lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, seeds, nuts
• 1-5 servings a week of animal-protein foods, including eggs.
• 2 four-ounce portions per day of fish, poultry, lean meat or veggie equivalent.
• 1 portion a week of red meat (no more) – 4 ounce max
• Avoid luncheon meats like luncheon meats, hot dogs, processed sausages.
• 1-3 servings per week of fish: fatty- oily fish like mackerel, herring, salmon, fresh tuna

4. Good bacteria such as yogurt, acidophilus, miso or fermented soy products.

5. Dairy is hard to digest in adults, intake as “fun” foods.
• Don’t eat more than a few servings per day of organic raw or pasteurized milk.
• 1.2 ounce of free kale or spring beans give same amount of calcium as a cup of milk.
• Ability to absorb calcium depends on amount of phosphorus in your diet.