Rewards for a Mother

Football season is here. And as everyone around me knows, I am on lockdown due to my son’s football schedule. It’s his fourth year in the PAL League, and I still yearn for that freedom from responsibility. The sacrifices, we, mother’s have to make is not directly nor immediately fruitful. Furthermore, my hat goes off to all the NBA, NFL moms.

But when I see my son excelling at the sport that consumes most of his time as well as mine, I get goosebumps of joy. At the FBU camp in June 2010, the college football coaches alerted me to start recording my son’s games. They stressed that by the end of the 7th grade, he should have a great football reel put together. High school coaches begin the recruiting process at this time. So I went to Best Buy. Dusted off the digital camera that I hadn’t used in years and got it fixed. I borrowed my son’s telescope’s tripod and began recording while experimenting with yardage positioning. Apparently, the best spot to record is at the 50 yard line up on the last bleacher and not on the field. It took me 3 weeks to figure out how to import video, edit the movie, edit the soundtrack (delete curses from non-edited tracks) and export to iDVD all using Garage Band, iMovie, iMovie HD and iDVD.

I implore other moms to take time out and record your children.

I have posted my son’s first football highlight reel on YouTube. Check it out <a href="