The Pope and Spirituality

Last night, I viewed a very interesting movie on On Demand called Agora. It was based on the true story of the Roman Empire’s crumble and the commencement and great position of the Pope’s power. I always wondered, “How did the Pope gain so much power over the various people over all continents, moreso than any country’s ruler?” It showed how the Christian religion, among the Gentiles, became political and no longer spiritual as Jesus probably intended for his followers to be. It goes to show that the spiritual evolution of humanity eventually vibrates at a higher level as centuries pass.

Many say that we are regressing spiritually as a human race. However, I disagree. I think the continued many disastrous events will awaken us. I also strongly feel that the popularity of homosexuality is softening our race to a more feminine one. Men overall are getting in tune with their feminine energy which essentially is the closest energy to spirituality. And honestly, although I do strongly feel that homosexuality goes against nature’s laws or procreation, I will never condemn homosexuals. They have forced our society to take a closer look at our dominated masculine attitudes which have caused much oppression and depression amongst groups of people, such as against women.

At the beginning of this movie, Agora, the Pope declares that women stay quiet, never speak up, nor be in the presence of men when important things are being discussed. These were the words read to the illiterate masses via the scriptures “spoken” by Jesus “God”. Honestly, I don’t think Jesus would have ever preached for women to not have a presence in society nor to be the property of men.